Good news – the Central Government increased their pension by two and a half times, this will benefit

Very good news for central employees and pensioners. Due to the Corona crisis, dearness allowance (DA) is being given at the old rate (17 per cent). It is hoped that the government may take a quick decision on the DA.

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However, before the decision on DA, the pension received by the family in case of death of a government employee on the job has been increased by two and a half times. That is, now the maximum limit has been increased to Rs 1.25 lakh instead of 45 thousand. Pension will now be received on the basis of the seventh pay commission. Earlier there was a provision of maximum pension of 45 thousand rupees in the Sixth Pay Commission.

Central employees will now be able to get medical claims even in case of emergency in private hospital outside the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) panel. The Supreme Court has given relief to the central employees as well as pensioners in this case.
Union Minister Jitendra Singh has also given information in this regard in Parliament recently. If an employee dies on the job, then this pension is given for the survival of their family members (dependent on the deceased employee).

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