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What is a personal loan?

Money taken from any bank or financial institution is a personal loan. There is no specific reason for such a loan, as it is in the rest of the loan. It is entirely up to the borrower how to use it. Paysense easily gives loans up to 2 lakhs without any condition to its customers. Not only this, there are many other benefits of personal loans.

This is very easy for first time borrowers as they do not have to fulfill any kind of condition in return. You can repay the loan in small installments as per the convenience and EMI of such personal loan is also fixed.



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How to take a loan – How to take a personal loan?

Personal loan fulfills your sudden need of money, Suppose there is a marriage in the house or a new house or some kind of medical emergency, then personal loan is a better and easier option.

You can use personal loan to fulfill any of your needs, so it is better than any other loan.

Determine your needs

Identify your needs and see how much loan you need. For example, your house is being built and you need 1 lakh or you are going to get your first car, for which you need a loan of up to 2 lakh. Keep in mind that take loans that you can repay easily, paysnese offers loans ranging from 5000 to 2 lakhs according to your monthly income.

Know that you are eligible to take a loan? (Eligibility)

Once you determine the loan amount, check your eligibility. Using personal loan app, you can easily check how much loan you can take. Keep in mind that it depends on your monthly income or where you work and whether you have ever taken a loan before. You can avail a loan from Paysense if there is a minimum of 12000 for the jobbers and at least 15000 for business people every month. Looking at your salary, paysense will decide how much you get. Loans up to Rs.

Plan to repay your loan

Use the facilities you get from Paysense, choose the EMI as per your choice and select it according to your monthly income. Set the EMI so that it does not affect your pocket and health.

Apply for loan

With the help of Paysense app, collect all the documents from the phone itself and get money directly in the account. You will need an ID proof (PAN card, Aadhaar card), address proof (rent agreement, Aadhar card), income proof (bank statement) and a photo.

Once the document is completed, after a few hours paysense will check your loan and approve your loan and you will get a loan in your account of choice in a few days. EMI will also be charged from this account as per your convenience.

Why choose a personal loan?

Personal loans are different from conventional loans in many ways, due to which they are better and prove to be helpful in times of need. It completely depends on the main principles and for personal loans, equal documents are required. Personal loans are the best because of low interest rate, early approval and small EMI. Personal loans have proved to be most effective in times of need, let’s know some more benefits of personal loans.

1) Use anywhere

Whatever your reason behind taking a personal loan, it is not related to the bank or the lender. You can use this loan as you like.

2) No need for any guarantee

The biggest problem while taking a loan is what to give in return for the loan. But if you have taken a personal loan from paysense, then you do not have to pay anything as a guarantee.

3) Paperless Documentation

On Paysense, you can document on the online app in one go. For this you need the following documents

ID proof

Address proof

Income proof


4) Low interest rate and facility repayment period

In a personal loan you have to pay a lower interest rate due to which it is simple and you get maximum benefit from it. Because you can choose the loan repayment period according to you, personal loan is the best option.

5) Early Approval

Paysnese understands your needs, so with PaySense you can get a loan in a few days by doing a minimum of documentation.

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